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Travels to present day Antarctica – Roger Slade

14 January - 13 April, 2017

Taken from over 20 separate expeditions, ‘Travels to Present Day Antarctica’ is a new exhibition from photographer Roger Slade depicting the cold landscape of the last great wilderness on earth.

Featuring over 40 eye-catching images from areas such as the Antarctic Peninsula, the South Shetland Islands and also the sub Antarctic islands of South Georgia and the Falklands this exhibition aims to give a taste of what life is like on the coldest, highest, windiest and most remote continent on our planet.

Roger, a former geography teacher and education consultant, has worked as a full time photographer for a number of years. During each Antarctic summer he works for a company, which runs specialist trips to Antarctica, as a photographer, a lecturer and Zodiac driver.

For more information on Roger’s work please visit his website www.rogersladephoto.co.uk

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