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Sunday Screening

4 November - 4 November, 2018

Doors 11:00hrs, film starts shortly after

all ages / free / no booking required

Monthly family film in Polarama, inspired by our museum collection at RRS Discovery & Discovery Point. We’ll provide the comfy cushions; you bring some pennies for popcorn! Doors open 11:00hrs, film starts shortly after. Check back to find out more about this month’s film!

If you’ve not come along before, our Sunday Screenings are a great way to introduce your wee ones to cinema. The lights are a wee bit dimmed, there are things to play with at the back incase they get fidgety and comfy cushions down at the front… and there’s popcorn too!

All films are rated U or P.G. Parental discretion is required regarding the suitability of the film for your child.

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