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Frank Hurley and the Art of the Platinum Print

7 October - 11 January, 2018

Sat 7th October 2017 – 11th Jan 2018.

To celebrate the centenary of Earnest Shackleton’s ill-fated ‘Endurance’ expedition 1914-1917, and in partnership with the Royal Geographical Society, this exhibition will display 20 prints taken by official expedition photographer Frank Hurley. Frank later returned to Antarctica as part of the BANZARE (British Australia New Zeland Antarctic Research Expedition) 1929-1931 on board Discovery.

These stunning images give us a fantastic insight into everyday life and the Antarctic landscapes encountered by the Weddell Sea Party.  The prints have been chosen for their outstanding artistic merit and the importance of the subject matter depicted.

These contemporary limited edition platinum prints are made from Frank’s original glass-plate negatives housed at the Society, the very first using this rare process in honour of this master photographer. The remarkable quality of the original negatives and the direct from plate digitisation – carried out to mark the expedition’s centenary – has meant that the Society, for the first time, is able to make prints of the highest possible quality reproducing every detail originally captured by Frank Hurley.

The prints exhibited are offered for sale at three different paper sizes: 95 cm x 75 cm, 65 cm x 53 cm and 32.5cm x 26 cm. Each print is part of a small limited edition, individually numbered and accompanied by a matching certificate guaranteeing the print’s authenticity.


For more information please contact: Hurleyprints@rgs.org

For information about the Society’s wider Collections and access please visit: www.rgs.org


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