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Exhibition: Discovery Wildlife

1 November - 5 January, 2024

Date: 1 November – 5 January

Location: Discovery Point Hutpoint Cafe

Time: Hutpoint Cafe opening times

Entry: Free


This fascinating exhibition by Dave Thompson is a collection of wildlife paintings that would have, or at least could have been seen from the RRS Discovery during its long history of exploration and scientific expedition. The work is mainly in acrylics on large canvases. Thompson’s marine mammal illustrations have appeared in several books and magazines, and he has exhibited work in galleries in St Andrews and north-east England.

Dave’s artwork is available to purchase from our HutPoint Cafe gallery. Proceeds of any sales from the exhibition will go to an incredibly important charity, Duchene UK, to further their work combatting Muscular Dystrophy. Any contributions from sales or donations will be welcomed and put to good use.

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