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EXHIBIT: Facing The North

1 February - 23 April, 2023

1st February – 23rd April 2023

FREE Entry at Museum opening times.

‘Facing the North’. The exhibition explores O’Connor’s experience and interpretation of travelling in the far north of the planet. Ever changing skies, brutal winds, extreme temperatures, and a heightened atmosphere. It all combines to create a unique dramatic landscape, and it is this experience that they share in their paintings, evocative of the light and colour found there while expressing these landscapes through their unique, expressive style.

Ellis O’Connor is a contemporary landscape artist from Scotland. To immerse herself in the environment, Ellis makes much of the artwork on site where extreme weather and the elements find their way into the pieces. Ellis describes the process of working outdoors in wild weather as almost ‘performative’. She usually works with oil paint, building up the surfaces using natural substances like sand and dried seaweed.


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